Wrapík a Nepytlík - Beeswax Food Wraps and Sewed Bags and Pockets

Eco-friendly food packaging from the I Am Zero Waste concept, replacing plastics. You simply pack your snack, croissant, bread, fruit, vegetables or cheese into it so that it does not spice.

Thanks to the protective layer of natural beeswax it is only slightly breathable and keeps your food fresh.

It can also be used to cover the bowl of food instead of the usual plastic foil, or it can serve as a pad for rolling dough, etc. The desired shape of the packaging can easily be achieved by forming Wrapík with the heat of your hands. Simply use Wrapík and Nepytlík wherever you need a plastic bag. Not recommended for meat storage.

Our beeswax is purely czech and 100% natural bee. Without any unnecessary admixtures such as jojoba oil, resin or synthetic paraffin from petroleum. Because 100% natural beeswax works simply best and is antibacterial. The heat of your hands softens at 25 °C and Wrapík can be beautifully formed and joined.


Smells after honey


Did you also think beeswax is always natural? It's not so. Beeswax is filled with synthetic paraffin (from oil). But we use high quality 100% natural beeswax without chemistry. Therefore, it smells beautifuly after honey.



Nepytlík and Wrapík are approved by the National Institute of Public Health as a secondary food packaging.



Wrapík and Nepytlík are practical. It can be washed with water up to 30 °C using gentle soap.



Wrapík and Nepytlík is made of materials that decompose in nature. How long does it take?

100% cotton canvas - 6 months paper - 4 months

For comparison, the degradability of plastic is 25 years


We are a Czech manufacturer, surrounded by beautiful countryside of South Moravia. Here, you think more than elsewhere that it is worth to care about environment.



Beeswax is antibacterial. It creates a protective barrier on the cotton canvas, which is slightly breathable and protects food like plastic packaging.


Wrapík and Nepytlík are produced in the Beekeeping Balaštík manufactory in Mutěnice, South Moravia. The establishment is HACCP approved. Stable and premium processing quality is ensured thanks to special manufacturing equipment.

Each of our products is precisely processed and the high quality of 100% natural beeswax is easy to recognize: smells beautiful with honey.

Our packaging is also ECO- friendly compostable paper. We pack our 100% natural beeswax squars also into compostable natural foil.



Don't you like me after a long time using? Heat me in the oven or sprinkle with beeswax shavings and I'll be like new again. When I'm really at the end of my life, you can compost me, I'm fully degradable. If you want to be practical as my creators, make a ball from me and I can help you warm up a campfire or fireplace. I burn much longer than a classic paraffin kindle. I'm simply your best buddy from start to finish.