3 pcs Lunch SET 3pcs - English Lady, Lizards, Flowers

Package contains 3 pcs napkins - smaller flowers size 200 * 200mm, middle lizards 280mmx250mm, English Lady size 330x300mm.

Consist only 100% cotton and beeswax - the combination of the two ingredients can beautifully and healthily pack a snack on the road. You can use it again and again, and not only do you have a stylish wrapper, but also help our beautiful planet.

Usage: Waxed napkin is intended for vegetables, bread, cheese, fruits and other foods.

The warmth of your hands and the layer of beeswax can wrap your food in a beautiful and healthy way.

Not recommended for raw meat.

Composition: 100% beeswax, 100% cotton with OEKOTEX certificate

469.00 Kč
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