2 pcs SET Beeswax Food Bag&Pocket - 30x32,27x22cm

Package contains 2 pieces of Nepytlík sewed bag 32x30 cm and sewed pocket 27x22cm. 

Made from 100% cotton and beeswax - the combination of the two components can beautifully and healthily pack a snack on the road. You can use it again and again, and not only do you have a stylish wrapper, but also help our beautiful planet.

Usage: NEPYTLÍK waxed bag is made for vegetables, bread, cheese, fruits and other foods, to wrap leftovers and much more.

The warmth of your hands and the layer of beeswax can wrap your food in a beautiful and healthy way.

Not recommended for raw meat.

Composition: 100% beeswax, 100% cotton with OEKOTEX certification

300mm x 32mm

763.00 Kč